Aims-of-the-School, Loreto Convent School Gibraltar, educational institution, Catholic School, Catholic education Gibraltar, education level The school exists to:

Evangelise, catechise and interpret National and Local Curriculum requirements in accordance with the perspective of the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church, so that pupils are enabled to strive for excellence in all aspects of life.

Teach pupils to gain an understanding of, and respect for, religious and moral values and an appreciation and tolerance of other groups, races, religions, ways of life and points of view.

Help pupils through our teaching, to develop lively, enquiring and creative minds, the confidence to question and the ability to debate rationally.

Teach pupils to acquire knowledge, skills and training which are relevant to their future in a rapidly changing world.

Provide pupils with challenging, stimulating, worthwhile and enjoyable experiences in the belief that living fully at every stage of development is important.

Help pupils to develop an appreciation of education as a life-long and enjoyable process.

Teach pupils to develop logical thought and appropriate communication skills in a world of quickly evolving technologies.

Teach pupils to develop a concern for the quality of their immediate environment, to understand the world in which they live and work, and recognise the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations.

Help pupils develop an awareness and appreciation of human achievements and aspirations.

Encourage pupils, through hard work, commitment and self-discipline, to achieve the highest standards of which they are capable.

Encourage pupils in the development of their individuality and independence, enabling them to discover and recognise their own strengths and limitations and to set their goals accordingly.

The Structure of Loreto Convent School, Gibraltar

  • The school (including the buildings) is owned by the Registered Trustees of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • The Board of Trustees oversees the school as a whole.
  • The Board of Governors works with the Headteacher, guiding the ongoing management of the school.
  • The Headteacher is responsible for liaising with the above and the day-to-day management of school matters.
  • Senior Teaching Staff are responsible for particular age groups and education areas.