Helpmelearn Africa is a charity organisation aimed to provide education aids, supplies and institutions to impoverished villages through Africa. Projects consist of building, teaching and raising funds to achieve optimal educational support for children living in extreme poverty. Helpmelearn believe that every child deserves the opportunity to go to school, and education is the key to a better future.

Louise Barea visited this week, giving a presentation to our Middle School children. In 2018 Louse and her team visited the village to carry out much needed works on the classrooms, this included proving a roof for its classroom. Our children were shown the village, and conditions that the children live in and how happy they are to have the chance to receive an education. This year’s project involves building a library in Kewunor, Ghana. The charity are looking to raise over £20,000 to be able to purchase all materials required for the build of the library.

There is more information on this video and we will be organising fund raising activities for schools in need in Africa and South America during Lent.