All Aboard Loreto.

Pupils from Year 5 at Loreto Convent School brought the curriculum to life with a trip on-board HMS Echo, the Royal Navy hydrographic survey ship. The children used the experience to learn how the ship maps the sea bed creating charts in the Survey Ops Room. The children were shown charts of the Bay of Gibraltar and

went on a tour of the vessel to understand how the ship’s crew operate and live. They visited the Ship’s Bridge, where they were informed about navigation and controlling the vessel. The Fire control room was next on the tour, a very important room. If there is a fire on-board the crew can’t call the local fire brigade, they must tackle the fire themselves. The children were shown the firefighting equipment, including the helmets that have built-in communication radios. The machinery control room is at the heart of the ship, along with the ship’s galley of course and all the engines and generators are controlled from here.

When the captain or crew on watch increase the speed of the HMS Echo, the machinery control room double check the given command. They saw the Officers’ dining quarters and were surprised that the ship even had Wi-Fi! The children saw where the SLP boats were launched from the side of the ship, along with where the helicopter lands on deck towards the bow of the ship.

The children and staff would like to thank the Captain and his crew on HMS Echo for giving the children this unique opportunity.

What is HMS Echo’s role?

HMS Echo is designed to carry out a wide range of survey work, including providing support to submarine and amphibious operations. Built in 2002, she collects oceanographic, hydrographic and bathymetric data, and has an array of weapons for force protection, to ensure she can operate in any environment.