Year one were buzzing, literally this week, as our bee keeper (Mr Taylor) came in to school to talk to the children. As part of the animals and their environment topic, the children brought this to an exciting end as they listened to the ‘Life of a Bee’. The children learnt how they enable food like apples, courgettes to grow being an important part of the eco-system. The children were able to look, touch and smell frames from inside one of our new beehives, learning how the bees make the cells and store honey inside. The children were shown on a presentation the three types of bees that are in a colony, learning how they live together, working as a team, all 40-60 thousand in a single beehive.

The pupils really brought the curriculum to life as two children became beekeepers, dressing up in bee suits as a beehive was disassembled, even using the smoker to simulate how bees are moved back into the hive. The children learnt that the bees make honey and wax which can be turned into items that we can buy in shops. To top it all off, the children could sample some honey and left the lesson buzzing!