March 15, 2020

Dear Parents,

In the light of recent and ongoing developments regarding Covid-19, I would like to share with you our updated plans.

The Spanish authorities have closed schools and asked residents to stay at home. We would ask you to adhere to this directive and keep your child/ren at home if you live in Spain.

Loreto will be open for those resident in Gibraltar as we offer support to parents and colleagues in other professions by providing care for their children.

Those parents who prefer to keep their children at home, however, may do so.

An extensive programme of work, prepared by your child’s teacher, will be available on the Loreto website from early next week so that your child may keep up with school work. We will advise all parents when this becomes available.

Children attending school will follow an alternate curriculum in parallel with the programme of work accessible from home.

We hope this addresses your immediate concerns and will get back to you with further information tomorrow.

We will work with you to secure the best way forward for our Loreto Family and hope and pray that Mary Ward will guide and protect us during these worrying times.


Yours sincerely,


Louise Napoli


School letters can be viewed on our letterbank here.