Dr Daniel Gideon Dresner, BSc (Hons), the Academic Coordinator for Cyber Security at the School of Computer Science, Manchester, is visiting Gibraltar and giving a series of lectures on the important topic of Cyber Parenting in conjunction with the RGP. We are extremely pleased that Dr Dresner has offered to give a talk to both Loreto Convent and Prior Park parents on Monday 8th May at 6 pm at Loreto.

The agenda will comprise of the following topics :-

  • What bothers the digital immigrants (parents)?
  • What bothers the digital natives (children)?
  • Appreciating the risk
  • Appreciating how to treat the risks
  • Get you into security without joining GCHQ
  • The Green Surf Code


This is an exceptional and unique opportunity to hear from a renowned expert in this field and could be one of the most valuable hours you can spend for your child’s welfare.

It would be helpful if you could let us know whether you would like to attend this talk by registering your interest here or using the form below.