Here is a list of websites for pupils to use at home to support their learning. Loreto Convent School are not responsible for content on these external websites.

English / Reading websites

Maths websites

General websites


Advice for parents and carers when using Nrich:

Nrich is a brilliant website created by Cambridge University mathematicians.

Find a problem. Read the problem together with your child making sure you discuss the getting started tab. Allow time for your child to get stuck – this is an important part of problem solving and a valuable learning experience. Do not worry if your child reaches an incorrect answer, learning will have taken place even when a satisfactory conclusion to a problem hasn’t been reached.

Advice for parents when using the Literacy Shed:

The Literacy Shed is home to a wealth of high-quality visual resources .

Find a video. Watch the video beforehand to ensure it is age appropriate.  Watch the video and discuss it with your child. Next choose a writing task from the list found below the video for your child to complete. There are various writing tasks available.