On Monday 15th May, Loreto Convent School hosted a FireTech Camp for the day. Year three pupils were lucky enough to attend a workshop on coding using Ozocode and the Ozobot. Split into exciting, ‘hands on’ activities the pupil’s first activity was to learn about how the sensors in the Ozobot worked. In black pen the pupils were asked to write their name, the lines needed to be above 6mm thick and using joined up writing. “Why joined up writing?” the pupils were asked. Krsna answered this question saying “The Ozobot would stop after each letter as they are not connected”. The pupils switched on their Ozobots, watching as the Ozobot followed their name.

The second activity led to the pupils understanding about how colour sequencing using Red, Green, Blue can perform pre-coded events. For example the colour block sequence of Blue, Black Red made the Ozobot ‘Go straight’.

During the last activity, pupils learnt about coding the Ozobot using online application and ‘Visual Event Programming’. Pupils learnt about the importance of coding the correct sequence to make the online Ozobot follow the programmed code. Fully engaged in creating code the pupils worked through a range of activities challenging them to complete coding tasks. The pupils were then shown how they can flash the code form the computer to the Ozobot using just the computer screen.

Mr Devincenz-Clemens, Teacher at Loreto Convent said “The sessions were delivered at a good pace, with relevant knowledge for the pupils to understand.”

Loreto Convent School would like to thank the Department for Education and Training, the Kusuma Trust and FireTech for their support during the coding workshop.