The John Mackintosh Hall welcomed back the Gibraltar Festival for Young Musicians (GIBFYM) organised by GAMPA. From the 19th to the 23rd April, 5 to 18 year olds competed in different categories, including, solo instrumental, vocal performances, duets and ensembles with the Gala held on Friday 23rd.

Our Music Teacher Miss Sciacaluga is very proud of all the pupils who entered the competition and would like to congratulate all those who participated, especially pupils who were presented awards. A big well done to Shivana for winning The Charles Gomez & Co. Trophy & £250 Bursary for MOST PROMISING LOCAL JUNIOR.

Pictured, Ethan, Harry, Ishaan, Shivana, Luna, James, Rohan, Emma, Gabriella, Elena, Alvaro, Lottie, and Seema.

Images courtesy of GIBFYM Facebook page, credit Alex Menez