The Gibraltar Horticultural Society have launch the ‘Grow Your Own Food Competition’.

All entries to the junior section are divided into two ages groups, 5 to 8 years and 9 to 12 years. Prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for ALL classes in the Junior Section.

Poster Design
Design a poster advertising the Flower Show. The poster must include the title: THE GIBRALTAR FLOWER SHOW, the location: JOHN MACKINTOSH HALL and the date: 13th -17th May 2019. The format should be A4 Portrait. Entrants relinquish the copy write on all materials submitted to the GHS. The GHS reserve the right to use said materials in the public domain, at any time.

Miniature Garden
Create a miniature garden in a portable container of your choice. Recommended maximum size is 25 x 40 x 10cms (or near comparison). The garden must include live plants, but the gardens theme and remaining contents are the choice of the individual. More information and examples can be found on our Facebook page; The Gibraltar Horticultural Society, search; Miniature garden workshop.

Pot Plant Cultivation
Demonstrate the ability to grow and maintain a pot plant of your choice. The child must cultivate and care for the plant for three months prior to the show. Although it is not necessary for the plant to reach full maturity within the three months, the time scale should be considered when choosing which varieties to grow.

Pressed Flower Display
Demonstrate the ability to dry and press live plants and arrange as a decorative display. The pressed materials can be displayed on card or plate of your choosing.

Flower Arrangement
Using a variety live and (or) artificial plants and flowers, create a display of your choice. The entry must be free standing and contain enough water to keep the display in tip top condition for judging.

Natural Display
Using a variety of natural plant, fruit and vegetable materials, create a display of your choice. For example; A bird, insect, animal or even gnome! The entry must be free standing.

Entries are to be delivered to John Mackintosh Hall on Tuesday 14th May from 12pm onwards, for judging and exhibit at the Flower Show. Please ensure entries are submitted with the child’s name, age, school details and telephone number of contact adult clearly written on the reverse or securely attached.