This week, members of the school’s Governing Body attended their first face to face online session. They were shown the curriculum resources prepared in advanced by the teachers, the weekly lesson planner and experienced the high quality online teaching and learning, here’s what they had to say

Mrs Maria Antonia Brooks.

“As a member of the Board of Governors and as a retired teacher and Head of a school I was invited to join a Science Lesson on the Teams programme with a Year 4 class.

My initial reaction was the professional manner in which the teacher leading the session, Mrs Garner, delivered the lesson virtually and attended to all participants’ needs i.e. the children. It gave me the opportunity to observe without necessarily taking part. The children were well adapted to the programme and responded willingly to the teacher’s direction. They participated positively and even though they were each in their own homes they were able to keep in touch and see each other. The programme allowed for the children to take ownership of their responses. They muted themselves when not given permission to speak and pressed the hand-up button to ask a question. They waited their turn, as they would in a classroom set up, to formulate their question or query when given the go ahead by the teacher.

The lesson went as smoothly as any virtual connection can go. The interaction between teacher and children and between the children themselves was excellent. They engaged not only with their teacher as they were led step by step, but amongst themselves. This online teaching and learning is undoubtedly not the same as being in a classroom but it was definitely a positive alternative under the circumstances.

As shown after the session, the timetable set up and resources uploaded by the staff are a testament to the hard work and careful planning from the staff and technical support in order for such a programme to work. An excellent educational tool in providing a learning platform for children.

My congratulations to the Staff and all involved for the excellent work in providing such a successful learning programme meeting the needs of the children.

Thank you for the opportunity to see this virtual learning first hand.”


Mr George Parody.

“It was a lovely experience to take part (albeit silently) in a Yr. 4 Science lesson with Mrs Garner. One, which was novel and did not disappoint. I know that on-line learning is not “real school” as we know it, but in the circumstances, it comes as close as it can be. It was a great first-hand experience, which showcases the amount of planning and hard work that goes on behind the scenes. This cannot be highlighted enough as the technical and the educational aspects are synchronised to provide a learning platform of an excellent calibre.

I must congratulate the staff for all their excellent work in developing this tool, tailor made for the school. They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating

, so what I observed was a wonderful example of a virtual class, with personal interaction with the teacher and the children keeping in touch with their friends.

As with every new innovation, there may be educational and technical hitches, but I am sure that with the dedication and commitment exhibited up to now the staff will raise to the challenge.

Thank you for hosting us.”