On Thursday 16th December 1845, five Loreto sisters arrived in Gibraltar. Having travelled for 8 days on a ship called The Royal Tar, they spent the night on board before being rowed ashore the next day. They were accompanied by the Vicar Apostolic of Gibraltar, Right Reverend Henry Hughes.

Bishop Hughes had raised the standards of education for boys and turned his attention to developing education for girls. He approached Mother Teresa Ball – Foundress of Loreto in Ireland – who agreed to send the first Loreto Sisters to the Rock.

On Wednesday 17th December 1845, the sisters were transported by carriage from the quayside down Main Street to the Cathedral. The bells rang in welcome, troops lined the streets and a group of dignitaries welcomed the nuns to Gibraltar.

175 years later, their legacy and tradition continue unbroken in the Loreto Convent School of today.

As GBC Open Day falls on the same day as the arrival of the nuns, we will be donating £1,750 to mark the 175 years Loreto has been in Gibraltar.

The Loreto crest will be projected on to the Moorish Castle on the 16th and 17th December to mark this historic event.

In school, we will be talking to the children about this important historical event and working on projects to mark this year over the next 12 months. To get celebrations off to a flying start, Ms Sciacaluga, supported by Mrs Simpson and past pupil Conor McGibney, have prepared a video treat for you.

With a huge thank you to all the teachers, staff and pupils for taking part, we hope you enjoy the Loreto Convent School response to the Jerusalema Challenge.

Kind regards

Louise Napoli


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