Faced with our second lockdown, Loreto Convent School was able to switch fairly smoothly back to remote learning. Teaching staff have prepared high quality, tailormade curriculum resources ready for children to access, whether this be in a structured daily format through the class weekly planner, or on a more ad-hoc basis to suit learning within the individual home.

This week our pupils have thoroughly enjoyed seeing their class peers, teachers and teaching assistants in a face-to-face online environment. Pupils start a structured day with registration, followed by morning prayer, and are then guided through a range of daily lessons. Teachers are contactable throughout the day to offer face-to-face support when in a class session, maximising the learning support. Our Teaching Assistants and our SEND staff can breakout from the main class to offer support in small groups, and this enables the teachers to differentiate work.

We have connected remotely with around 300 of our pupils daily, including a small group of pupils who are in school as parents are both Key Workers. It is wonderful that we have so many of our children engaged online, working through face-to-face and structured work at home. Embracing the technology that is available, we have been able to include all children, whether this be by mobile, tablet or computer. Our Spanish pupils who remain in lockdown have been able to join us too and we have children connecting from England and a new pupil, due to start in January even joined us from Uganda. He was able to meet his new teacher, class peers and participate in the learning.

All of the above could not occur without the support and dedication of the teaching and support staff in planning sessions, adapting their teaching and setting up class schedules to engage with the children. The parental support in helping the children connect online and access the face-to-face and curriculum work for home schooling has also been vital and a big ‘thank you’ to everyone for getting stuck in and giving it your best shot!

Our new pupil online in Uganda.

Online teacher contact session in action.

Children of Key Workers parents working online at school

Quotes from parents

“I hope all staff and you are fine.
I would like to say thank you for all the support received from the online sessions my children are having. I am really happy with the time and the way to teach.  I am very proud of my children are studying in Loreto Convent. Take care.
Kind Regards. 
Natalia Holgado “

“Good afternoon,
I just want to say thank you for delivering classes online, I have been so impressed with the teaching and the delivery. It has made the world of difference to my daughter; she has loved seeing her friends and Mrs Yome.
Thank you, a job very well done.
One very grateful parent! 

“We’re almost done on day 1 and our first online schooling for the Wood brothers (in Italy last year we didn’t have anything like this level of teaching!).
I have 3 boys - my youngest is 4, so it’s normally quite tricky. But I have found today has been brilliant. 
So 10/10 for effort, computer and support systems!!
Thank you
Emma Tetley”

“I wanted to share with you a message I sent Olivia’s teacher, Mrs Pitto, as I really feel I have to express my gratitude and praise to the school for how remarkably you are all rising to the challenges we currently face. Thank you for all your hard work, ongoing support and dedication to your students. 
Wishing you the very best and take care. 

“A wonderful start to the home schooling schedule today. Well done to all involved in making it such a success. 
Thank you

“I know it’s still very early on and only the first day but so far it’s going really great. I was really worried about how I could manage working from home and getting both girls logged in and working but it’s gone really well without any hiccups.
Thank you all again!😊.
Kind regards,