Loreto Convent Nurseries provide children with the best possible start to their education.

The enthusiasm for learning which they develop during the nursery years and the carefully structured arrangement for transfer from nursery, help children to settle quickly and maintain progress when they move into the reception class.

The Nurseries offer our pupils a structured and varied programme during their pre-school years. The programme, enjoyable and enriching in itself, provides a valuable springboard for early school experience. The range of age-appropriate activities encourages confidence and independence and develops auditory, visual, manipulative and practical skills. Such skills form an essential foundation for the later development of reading, writing and numeracy.

We also emphasise social skills i.e. sharing, waiting our turn, not interrupting, walking quietly, listening attentively and we encourage the children to remember their manners and show consideration for others.

Our efforts are rewarded one-hundred fold when we have the active support of you, the parents. The partnership that we have with you is of vital importance and we appreciate it deeply. Good communication between you and the nursery staff is essential for the benefit of your child. We are always ready to discuss any query you may have concerning your child’s development.


The Aims

As educators, the aim of our nursery staff is to work in partnership with you, the parent, for the benefit of the children.

We aim to provide a caring and stimulating environment where all the children will have the opportunity to achieve their potential in every aspect of their development. We aim to provide all our nursery children with the opportunities to:

• Grow in self-confidence and develop a good self-image

• Deepen and lengthen their concentration span, develop cognitively and participate fully in play situations so that skills and concept are learned through experience and interest

• Become aware of their physical capabilities and limits in a safe environment

• Be able to explore a wide range of materials creatively, allowing them to express themselves appropriately

• Share in the wonder and excitement created by books, stories, rhymes and song

• Practice and understand social skills and be able to communicate their thoughts and feelings to their peers and to adults


The Structure

The following is the standard practice for all our nurseries, although the time allocation for each activity will vary between nurseries because of the children’s ages and requirements.


Free Activity Time

The children are free to choose their activity from those offered, including painting, table-toys, floor-toys, cutting and sticking, play dough, jigsaws, home-corner, junk modelling, computer games, sand or water play.


Break Time

The children sit at their tables and have a healthy snack and drink, which they bring from home.


Group Games

The children play in one large group or in smaller groups with an adult who supervises a specific game chosen to encourage or teach a particular skill.


Outdoor Play

The children are taken to the playground for supervised play using outdoor toys.


Story Time

The children come together for ‘quiet time’ and enjoy a story, rhymes or songs. This encourages their listening skills and phonics.


Register Time

In the older age groups, where their concentration span permits, Register Time is followed by Weather Board where the children are encouraged to recognise pictures depicting the seasons; choose pictures showing the type of weather; name the days of the week; pick the correct name for the day and rote count 1-10.


Toilet Time

The children are taken as a group to the toilets and supervised in correct toilet and hygiene procedure. Of course, if any child needs to use the toilet at any other time during the morning they are allowed to do so.


Other Nursery Activities

The nurseries are pleased to be considered an integral part of the school and are often invited to join the older children to watch plays and sports days.

Find out more…

If you would like to register or find out more please complete or download and send a paper copy to; Loreto Convent School, 13 Europa Road, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA.