This year’s Middle School Sports Day saw the children compete in a variety of individual, paired and team races, which displayed the skills they had learnt this year. Children demonstrated their running, basketball, rugby, cricket, hockey skills and more, and took part with true Loreto spirit and sportsmanship. The Year 7’s, as is traditional, also took part in their end of school race and their leavers ball race, which produced smiles all around.

After all the children’s races, there was the traditional Parents race, which involved some questionable hockey skills! The Year 5 parents ended up winning the race, to great applause from the stands.

The end of the sports day came to a close, with the four Houses marching down to the parents, being led by their Sports House Captains, Louis Charvetto, Gimena Bocanegra Hallin, Isabella Dowie and Pamela Vera Perez. The sponsors (Mr and Mrs Sanchez) then presented the children in Year 6 and 7 with medals for field events, which the children had competed in throughout the year.

Next up were the individual awards, which are given to children in Year 7, based on their performances at Inter School level throughout the year. These winners were as follows:

Girls Basketballer of the Year – Julia Dona Pastoriza and Lucia Rodriguez Correa

Boys Basketballer of the Year – Nicholas Estella

Netballer of the Year – Isabella Dowie and Pamela Vera Perez

Footballer of the Year – Joseph Mann

Gymnast of Year – Ella Stewart Montegriffo

Boys Hockey Player of the Year – Daniel Sotillo Martin

Girls Hockey Player of the Year – Katie Soobiah

Sports Boy of the Year – Louis Charvetto

Sports Girl of the Year – Gimena Bocanegra Hallin

Then the big team awards were presented, starting off with the Road Racing Cup. Children in Middle School compete throughout the year, gaining points for their house if they finished in the top three of their year group when competing at Road Racing. This year’s winners were St Philomena’s! Next, were the results of the Academic Shield, which was decided by the House that has gained the most house points throughout the course of the year. St Joan’s were a very close second (by 71 house points) to St Philomena’s, who were again victorious. Lastly, came the results of the Sports Day Shield. Points were awarded for the results of the Year 6 and 7 field events, as well as the results of the individual and team events on Sports Day. This year, the winners were an ecstatic St Anne’s.

The children all worked hard in preparation for Sports Day and all played their part in the days success. We would like to thank all the families and friends who came to support the children and help create such a great atmosphere.