We invite to read about our Mission Day 2021 from our Head Girl and Head Boy.

Dear Parents

This year on Mission Day we are donating money to missions in Sister Patricia’s school in Peru as well as the school in Sudan, in order to help them after the Covid 19 crisis. Mission Day is a chance for us to raise money for our chosen charities and organisations.

Sister Patricia is a former headmistress of Loreto Convent Gibraltar who went on missions to Peru to build educational platforms in poor communities there. Children attending these schools are eager to learn English. Every morning they line up outside their schools to pray. These establishments have created secure and comforting learning environments for their students.

The exciting Mission Day events are organised by the children in Year 6, the house prefects dedicating themselves the most. There will be lots of amusing stalls which your children can visit such as: a nerf gun stall, a football stall or smack the cheetah. St Catherine’s House have organised a raffle with a surprize winning gift. St Joan’s have planned a guessing game and are also offering a gift for the winner. Children can spin a St Philomena’s mystery wheel and see what they get or select a tasty treat from St Anne’s bake sale.

This event will take place on Thursday 21st October. Please provide your child with the amount of spending money you think suitable for them to buy treats or play games. This is an enjoyable way to raise funds for a truly worthy cause.

Kind regards

Miriam Ramagge

Head Girl

Dear Parents

Missions day is an opportunity to help those who are less fortunate than us. Every year we donate all the money we manage to raise on Missions day to people in need. This year we shall be donating all proceeds raised to Sr Patricia’s school in Peru and the school in Sudan. These schools have suffered greatly from the Covid-19 pandemic and are in great need of help and support.

The preparation for this day starts in early October. A lot of work goes into organising this day but it is very exciting to put together. The House Prefects are the pupils who are mainly responsible for the preparation of Missions day and they are supported by the other pupils in their Houses. Each House will discuss what activity or stall they will set up and then we each help in making all the necessary arrangements. We also buy the supplies that are necessary for the stalls such as the treats and the prizes and any equipment we might need.

On the day itself, Year 6 pupils will set up and manage the stalls. This part is very exciting too as we put together all the work which we have been doing. We arrange our stalls and activities in the Palm Tree playground and we try to be creative so that each stall is as much fun as possible. This year we will have a raffle, a bake sale, a lucky dip and many more stalls. For a small amount of money, pupils are guaranteed to have lots of fun and will be able to enjoy lots of treats.

Pupils from all year groups at the school are then asked to come to the Palm Tree playground where they can walk around the stalls with their money. There is something for everyone to enjoy. To ensure that everyone has their chance to have fun, pupils attend in year groups with their classes and the event is very well organised. Pupils are always very excited on this day.

Every penny spent is then collected and donated. We therefore appreciate all pupils bringing some money on Missions day to be held this Thursday 21st October!

This day is one of the highlights for our school and we are so looking forward to it.

Kind regards

Javier Oriol Holliday

Head Boy