Upper Primary took part in their third Inter-House competition of the academic year. Road Racing was their focus, with all children competing to collect as many road racing points as possible within their allocated time. Year 3’s work for 3 minutes, Year 4’s for 4 minutes, Year 5’s for 5 minutes and Year 6’s for 6 minutes.

Each year group discussed a plan and how they will use their energy throughout their race in order to perform their best for their team, as well as achieve a personal best result at each race. The importance of leading a fit and healthy lifestyle goes hand in hand with this topic of P.E, in addition to the benefits it can have on their mental health.

Here are the winners from each year group:

Year 3: St Catherine’s (402 points)
Year 4: St Philomena’s (739 points)
Year 5: St Joan’s (888 points)
Year 6: St Catherine’s (790 points)

Overall Road Racing Winners were St Catherine’s with 2,671 points in total. Congratulations to everyone in St Catherine’s who helped to contribute to their teams success.

There were also a number of school road racing records broken this year. Ollie (Y3G) broke two school records, as did Sixto (Y4P) and Rania (Y4C). Ben (Y5N), William (Y5N) and Stella (Y5A) broke one school record and Jasper (Y5A), Johnnie (Y5N), Ben (Y5N) and William (Y5N) all equalled a current school record. Congratulations to all of these children who not all showed tremendous endurance, determination and race tactics.

Our Loreto Convent Road Racer of the year was a difficult one to chose after such great performances. However, due to her infectious enthusiasm and her positivity throughout each race, this was awarded to Rania (Y4P).