Alex left Loreto during the Autumn term, he has written a small piece about his experience below.


Hello, I hope all are well in Loreto. I would like to share my experience auditioning for the Royal Ballet School.
I have done three and a half years of dance at Danza Academy. That’s where I fell in love with ballet. I like ballet because I love the strength, grace and lightness of it.
I was offered a place at the Royal Ballet School in Richmond, London from the next academic year. There was a first round and a second round of auditions. Usually there are boys auditioning for the Royal Ballet School from across Europe and only 35 make it to the finals and then 10 to 15 boys are selected to study ballet while boarding at the Royal Ballet school. It felt quite stressful for me because I really wanted to continue my training in a very professional way.
The Royal Ballet School is one of the top five ballet schools in the world. The 10 to 15 boys who are selected sleep altogether in three connected dormitory rooms. They are almost always together.
The year 7 schedule is waking up at 7 am, then ballet classes at 8:30 am till 10:30 am then there are academic classes from 10:30 am till lunch time. Then at 1 pm there are more academic classes till 4 pm which adds up to 6 classes of forty minutes each. Then from 4 pm till 6:30 pm there is either jazz, character or contemporary dance class and a couple of other dance styles combined with conditioning.
Such schedule runs from Monday till Friday adding up to four and a half hours of dance a day. On Saturdays there are ballet classes from 9 am till 1 pm and then the rest of the weekend is free.
I also love the building itself because it is in a huge park with hundreds of deer and fawns. It has paintings of the queen when she was a child with her father. It is a very classical and pleasant environment to be in.