Toe to Toe initiative – Sal’s Shoes 2019

In a few days our schools will close, and our children will mark the end of another school year!

Before the children run for the doors to enjoy their long summer holiday, we want to ask them to change another child’s life on their way out . . . We ask that on Thursday 27th June they take their school shoes off, place them on their desk and leave school barefoot!

They are unlikely to use those shoes again, because feet grow over the summer or they are a little scuffed and so will be replaced in time for the new school year, but we want them not to just sit in the shoe cupboard or end life in the trash – we will give them a second life, on a new pair of feet!

We will ensure all shoes are donated to children in need worldwide via Sal’s Shoes – an initiative that local company GVC are helping support by donating the shipping cost and providing hands so all shoes are gathered, packaged and shipped to those in need

A whole school leaving barefoot is a powerful message that we want to help those fellow children who have no choice but to live life barefoot every day. Please help us to help others who are less fortunate than ourselves. There is no obligation to take part but we would love to support this charity and the work they carry out in finding new feet for pre-loved children’s shoes.

To find out more about Sal’s Shoes you can visit the website or Facebook page

P.S. Of course, the children can bring in another pair of shoes to change into after walking out of school for their journey home! If your child has any other pairs of outgrown shoes you would like to donate, please bind each pair together with a rubber band, or tie the laces/ straps together, and send them in before the end of term.

Thank you all – we guarantee your generosity will improve a poor child’s life!