Our bright, cheerful library is continually updated and contains over 10.000 fiction and reference books.

All the classes from Reception to Year 6 visit the library once a week and the children participate in the Mr Reader Scheme which encourages independent reading for pleasure and reading comprehension.

In Foundation Stage 2, the children are introduced to the library and allowed to choose their own book to bring home each week.

In Year 1, the children are encouraged to choose books that they can read on their own or to a parent/grandparent.

Beginning in the third term of Year 1, children have the opportunity to start answering Mr Reader questions about their book after reading it. By answering the questions correctly, students are awarded Mr Reader points which help them earn Mr Reader badges, book tokens and other awards.

Children are also able to take home reference books. Older pupils are encouraged to use the reference section of the library to help support research needs for various projects through the year.

The library is run by our school Librarian who is helped by several volunteers from our current parents.

The Library has a dedicated Facebook page – Loretoconventlibrary