Tiny Tums has been cooking home-made meals for children since 2020, with a focus on providing wholesome, hearty dishes which children enjoy. Our menus are designed with children in mind and aim to encourage healthy eating habits by providing a diverse and colourful menu tailored to their nutritional needs. Our meal plans are carefully reviewed by a nutritionist to ensure they are balanced. She shares ours aims of educating children to eat more healthily in order to boost energy and optimise wellbeing. Tiny Tums has created an interactive lunch sitting where the children can suggest some of their favourite options and are also open to hearing recommendations from parents.

Our drive to provide children with the best nutritional start in life goes hand in hand with Loreto’s core values in providing children with the best possible start to their education.

Cooked lunches are served in the dining room. Alternatively, pupils may bring a packed lunch, we encourage these meals to include sandwiches, yoghurt, fruit or similar. There is no provision for heating food. Fizzy drinks and glass bottles are not allowed, however water is essential. Our Sustainable Schools Committee encourage the use of refillable bottles which can be refilled at the water stations around the school.

The cost for the Autumn Term is:

£273.90 for pupils in Nursery 1 & Nursery 2.
£278.05 for pupils in FS1 to Year 2.
£298.15 for pupils in Year 3 to Year 6.

Payment is due by Friday 25th August 2023.

Account Name: Loreto Convent School
Account Number: 48121355
Bank: NatWest Bank, Gibraltar Branch, 57 Line Wall Road, Gibraltar
Sort Code: 60-60-60
IBAN: GI02 NWBK 0606 0604 8121 355

Please instruct your bank to send the payment net of all bank charges.
Please note that all payments made directly into our account must make reference to the child’s surname that is being settled so that your remittance can be clearly identified. Please also email a copy of your transfer instruction to the accounts department.

Our menu is certified by a nutritionist to ensure each week all the food groups are incorporated within the meal plan using seasonal produce. Tiny Tums have already tried and tested the example menu on nurseries and individuals at home, which means we have already done the market research prior to this presentation in order to know which meals work and which are not as well received. The aim is to create a menu that follows the health guidelines but also, makes it appealing for children to want to eat the meals.

Our meals will include:
Lunch Portion per child – Providing a daily Menu to include a vegetarian option.
Dessert per child

In summary:

Our menus will have one option per day including the No Meat menu on Fridays.
Our Vegetarian options will be adaptations of the main meal i.e. Chicken Curry; Vegan Chicken Curry.
Dietaries and Allergies will be taken into consideration as an additional option (again an adaptation of
the main meal – Lactose-free Chicken Curry). As long as the Catering Manager in charge is informed
beforehand, the meals will be prepared (separately) to the daily menus which include Gluten Free,
Lactose-Free, and Egg Free and we are flexible with catering for other allergies.
All our meals are nut-free and chicken is halal, and will not contain seafood or pork.
Desserts will be varied and will offer fruit and dairy options.
Meals are sourced using seasonal fresh produce.
Each plate is well well balanced and certified by a nutritionist.

Our aim – For ALL children to have a chance of a healthy start …. (even the pickier eaters!)

Please click here to view/print our Summer Term menu as a PDF.

Our meals

Home-made Battered Fish with
Mushy Peas and Diced Potatoes

Roasted Salmon with Oven Baked Potatoes,
Red and Green Peppers

Chicken Tikka Masala with Rice
Cod with a light garlic sauce, rice, and grilled vegetables

Tiny Tum’s executive team.

Kerrianne Gache Massetti, Maria Burguera Morey and Esther Linan Diaz, together have over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry mainly focused on catering and nutrition.

Kerrianne Gache Massetti

– Studied at Northumbria University graduating with a Masters in Events Management, and a second Masters in Tourism Management.

– Worked as Sales and Events Manager at a 5* Star Hotel. She also has experience working within the operational side of events, managing to have worked in different locations such as England, Spain, Isle of Man, and Gibraltar.

– The Pantry Co-Director mainly focused on corporate catering in Gibraltar, managing over 300 meals on a daily basis.

– Tiny Tums Co-Director for 3 years, focusing on the importance of educating children from a young age and creating dishes to encourage children to eat new food groups, but also offer those classic dishes that children love and enjoy.

– Kerrianne’s strength lies in operations and customer service, she truly believes in listening and exceeding customer expectations regardless the age group.


Maria Burguera Morey

– Studied at Le Roche University, Switzerland, which is one of the world’s leading hospitality schools. Here she graduated with a Master in Tourism Business Management.

– 20 years of experience working in Spain, Gibraltar, and England within 5 Star Hotels and Catering Businesses mainly focusing on the commercial aspect of the business.

– The Pantry and Tiny Tums Co-Director for 3 years, focusing on the day-to-day aspect of the kitchen, ensuring protocols and quality control are followed accordingly.

– Maria’s strength lies in being proactive and finding solutions, and remains customer focused.


Esther Linan Diaz

– Studied at the University of Nutrition in Granada, specializing in children’s nutrition.

– Works as the main nutritionist for Sage College de Jerez de La Frontera, CEIP college in Castellar de la Frontera, and International School in Sotogrande.

– Currently overseeing the nutrition for over 1500 children ages 2 – 18.

– Esther’s main work is to oversee and elaborate diets in schools, teach the children how to eat, and ensure they eat accordingly to their age group.

Contact us

Facebook: Tiny Tums Gibraltar
Instagram: tiny_tums_gibraltar

Phone Number: 00350 58675000
Email Address: info@tinytumsgib.com