One of our Year 5 pupils has raised over £14,000 to construct homes for orphans in Kenya. With the help of her family, along with Doctor and activist Meenal Viz they trekked up the Mediterranean Steps last weekend, with Shivana conquering her fear for heights.

As they started their ascent the numerous grew as they were joined by other children and adults offering their support to Shivana. In a little over 1 hour and 15 minutes Shivana had accomplished her goal by reaching the top of the steps.

Shivana has been a role model to other children, not only at Loreto, but in the wider community where she hopes to inspire people to think of others before themselves, especially those who are less fortunate.

Here is what Shivana had to say when our Head Boy and Girl interviewed her.

This all began at the end of January during home schooling when Shivana was learning about inspirational people in RE.

That evening during at dinner time, as shivana brought it up, she learnt about an inspirational Gibraltarian doctor at the NHS who singlehandedly brought about change in policies for all healthcare workers in Gibraltar -Meenal Viz. From there Shivana went on to contact Meenal to let her know how inspirational she found her, that she hoped one day she could be like her and change the world.

This inspired shivana to research ways in which she herself could change the world and has decided to hike up the Med steps on the 7th of March despite her debilitating fear of heights as a means to raise funds to build an orphanage for in a remote village in Kenya. The fundraiser page was launched last weekend and in under 6 days shivana has raised over £6000. She hopes to raise at least £10,000 by the end of next week before the big day.

Shivana has been working really hard to train herself physically and mentally for the huge challenge ahead and her entire journey has been documented on an Instagram page @shivanasworld.

Meenal Viz has been commended by the chief minister and the GHA have brought her over to Gibraltar to assist with the roll out of vaccinations for one month. Shivana is very fortunate to have been able to meet her role model merely 2 weeks after having gotten into contact and they will now be doing this MED steps challenge together.