At Loreto Convent we have a special reason for thanking the angels. The story you are going to hear tells how St. Michael – the Archangel – protected one of our Convents many years ago….

Once, long ago, the Loreto Convent in York was attacked by armed men who were determined to destroy it. One of the nuns ordered the picture of St. Michael to be hung over the door, and taking the Blessed Sacrament, she and the other nuns knelt in the passage leading to the front door. She then called on her Lord: ‘Great God, save us, for we cannot save ourselves!’

Suddenly, dead silence fell on the men outside and those who were going to attack the convent began to go away. The convent was saved.

Later they were told by the people who lived in the house opposite the Convent that there was seen in the air over the convent, a tall figure on a white horse, with a sword in his hand. At the sight of him the men were afraid and ran away. The nuns knew it was St. Michael who had saved them and so every year, in September, the picture of the great Archangel is carried by the youngest children in the school and placed before the altar.

This traditional ceremony of thanksgiving and appeal for continued protection is still faithfully carried out in all the houses of the Institute and is one of the big occasions of the year for the children.

And if you look above the front door of the convent you will see a picture of St. Michael the Archangel who continues to protect us today.

The Guardian Angels hold a special place in our prayers at Loreto: –


Angel sent by God to guide me,

Be my light and walk beside me;

Be my guardian and protect me;

On the paths of life direct me.