Our first week of Summer School has now come to an end and wow – what a week! The children have been traveling around the world and experiencing lots of different cultures. It’s been amazing! We started the week by creating our own passports and designing our own luggage, as we discussed that these items were really important for traveling. Then, we discussed transport. How will we travel around the world? To see which mode of transport we would take, the children completed a series of different stem activities. They created a plane, boat and hot air balloon by using lots of different materials.

The big question on Tuesday was, what transport would they travel in to get to our destination? Did the children make a good enough boat that floated? How far could their plane fly? We tested their creations to make sure they were suitable! We then prepared our luggage tags, checked in our luggage and travelled to France.

In France, we learned all about the Eiffel Tower and completed a spaghetti and cup challenge – which group could build the biggest tower that didn’t fall? We then enjoyed some yummy croissants and jam for our snack. After this, we got sporty and took part in some team challenges in an obstacle course.

On Wednesday, we travelled to Italy and learned all about the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We were all so amazed to learn that it took 200 years to be built! We then spent the morning cooking (and eating!) pizza and listening to Italian music. We also got crafty and painted pasta so that we could make some beautiful pasta jewelry as a souvenir from our trip.

We then travelled to Africa on Thursday and looked at some pictures of the beautiful traditional African pottery. This helped to inspire us, as we spent the morning creating and designing our own clay pots. After this, we did some African dancing, played some bongo drums and also went on a safari!

On our last day, we travelled to Australia and learned about their aboriginal art. We then got messy and had fun as we created our own pieces of aboriginal art which were all brilliant! After this, we listened to traditional Australian music and then tried our best at playing the didgeridoo, it was a lot harder than we thought it would be! Then, we made some animal cookies, did some more dancing, and finished our day by painting our African clay pots.

What an amazing week!

Thank you to everyone who has joined us last week. We are already excited to see what this week has in store! #