Loreto Convent’s annual Swimming Gala was once again a great success. With children from Year 4 – Year 7 taking part in a variety of races, it was a great way to start the term, full of excitement and great team spirit.

The event began with the traditional Inter-School Swimming Relay, which saw teams from St Anne’s and Bishop Fitzgerald taking part. Loreto Girls ‘A’ and Boys ‘A’ teams both finished in first place, with Loreto Girls ‘B’ team finishing in third position and Loreto Boys ‘B’ team a close fourth. This concluded a string of wins for Loreto’s Swimming Teams, who had previously finished in first place in the other Inter-School relays, held before Christmas.

Loreto Convent Girls A Team

Esther Tricker, Elena Perez, Hannah Cabezutto and Eleanor Hedley.

Loreto Convent Girls B Team

Laura Rodriguez Correa, Ella Scarrott, Eliza Aguis and Sophia Purkiss Galan.

Loreto Convent Boys A Team

Juan Dominguez Perez, Luca Howard, Juan Pablo Linares Mompeon and Bosco Darling

Loreto Convent Boys B Team

Nicholas Darling, Oliver Jacobson, Sebastian Hedley and Julio Dominguez Perez

The Gala continued with individual races for all children, which saw some highly contested and very close finishes. There were some very good individual performances, with some swimmers coming within less than a second of breaking school records. These included Sebastien Gorny (Year 4), Isabella Lombard (Year 4), Sophia Purkiss Galan (Year 6) and Eleanor Hedley (Year 7) to name a few.

Inter-House relays concluded the mornings swimming with some very exciting races, in particular the Year 6 & 7 Medley relay, which in the end was won by St Joans. The Year 6 & 7 Front Crawl relay was the only record to be broken on the day and that was achieved by St Philomena’s with a time of 1:12:38s (Sophia Purkiss Galan, Juan Dominguez Perez, Julio Dominguez Perez and Luca Howard).

The final presentations of the day included the ‘Swimmer of the Year’ shield. This was awarded to a very talented swimmer who impressed both spectators and teachers alike with her superb technique and elegance in the pool. She lets her swimming do the talking for her, well done Eleanor Hedley! The final award was for the team who had accumulated the most points by the end of the Gala. This was won by St Anne’s who finished on 88 points, followed by St Philomena’s a close second with 84 points.

Well done to all children who took part in this brilliant event, we look forward to next year!