His Lordship Bishop Carmel Zammit, Mr Joe Cortes and Mr Joe Garcia attended morning chapel at Loreto Convent for a special cheque presentation on the morning of Tuesday 22nd May . Bishop Carmel spoke to the children about his role in supporting Aid to the Church in Need and that he had made a commitment that his diocese in Gibraltar would support this cause. During his first Lent in Gibraltar, Bishop Carmel launched his Appeal for Christians suffering in Aleppo and has commented that “People have been very generous … the money raised for this charity will be well used”.
Mr Garcia then spoke of the situation that children face in Syria, having little or no food, no toys, little power or clean water and many people have to live underground because of the war. The charity supports those suffering in Syria by giving, food, books, machinery, medicine, clothing and much more with every penny being spent on helping those who are suffering due to war and persecution. He praised the efforts of Lara Smiddy Page in year 4, who several weeks ago, sold her toys at a car boot sale to raise money for the children in Syria and was also impressed by the efforts of Emma Personeni and Sofia Charrington who raised £13 by making and selling necklaces for the cause. This touched the hearts of our Loreto Pupils and our year 7 pupils organised a cake sale to raise funds for this worthy cause – Bishop Carmel, Mr Cortes and Mr Garcia would like to be invited to the cake sale next year! A cheque for £960.00 was presented to Bishop Carmel and Joe Garcia by our Head Girl Hannah Cabezutto which included the funds donated by our Year 3 children who recently made their First Holy Communion.
Bishop Carmel thanked the children for their kind donation, explaining that the Christians in Syria have a very strong faith, despite of their suffering they carry on believing that God will be with them.