Children and their parents arrive at and leave school by the playground entrance on Europa Road. Please ensure that your child arrives at school by 8.50 am – by 9.00 am the gate is locked and all late arrivals have to report to the School Office by the front door.


The school gate opens at 8.30 am and the Middle School children wait in the Palm Tree Courtyard and First School in the big playground until the bell rings at 8.50 am.


Parents collecting children at the end of the day may wait in the big playground. The bus children leave school via the Front Door.


It is essential that the class teacher and the school office knows of any change in your child’s travel arrangements.


Parodytur Bus Service

Buses to and from School are provided by Parodytur, picking up at the frontier and various other stops around Gibraltar.


Please contact Parodytur:

The Old Bank Building, Cannon Lane, Gibraltar

Telephone +350 200 76070 or 200 70560 for details of routes and prices.


The school cannot bear any responsibility in respect of the bus service.