On the 19th January, a team of 5 pupils from Loreto Convent School, team Loretanics and a team of 10 students from Prior Park School, team Probotix travelled to Stevenage in the UK to participate in the First Lego League Robotics competition.

On Saturday 20th January, the day long competition started with a briefing about the various aspects of the competition, including the robot heats, innovation presentation and the special challenge.

The event, held at the Institute of Engineering was full of Lego enthusiasts from schools, clubs and youth organisations.

Both teams learnt from the UK experience, with it being Loreto’s first time. Mr Devincenzi-Clemens said “It was lovely to see all the young people and adults chatting and supporting each other throughout the day. I am very proud of the 5 pupils who have independently learnt so much since September during their 30-minute lunchtime club. I am very proud of what they achieved and only came 40 points behind Prior Park.”

At times during the competition was stressful, especially when written code did not execute as expected. Thinking and reacting to resolve problems as a team saw the core values of LEGO meaning ‘Play Well’ instil the overall ethos of the competition.

The special challenge this year was themed on a duck, inspired by the first item built by the Danish founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen in 1932.

After an action-packed day Loretanics were recognised as “a team who faced problems, put on a brave face, preserved and fix them. All whilst having fun! ”
This truly sums up their dedication, it is not the end though. These Year 6 pupils at Loreto will take on the role mentoring the next budding Robot engineers in Year 5 who will hopefully participate in next year’s

After a busy day it was time to relax by playing some indoor crazy golf and a meal at TFI’s. It was a worthy experience for all involved.


Welcome meeting

Competition tables