Pupils who formed part of the Ukulele ‘All Stars’, performed to a packed Palm Tree playground on Thursday 2nd June. Throughout the course of this year, pupils from the First and Middle schools have been learning to play the Ukulele with Mr Parkin.  The ‘All Stars’ played a selection of wonderful songs, including ‘My dog has flees!’ Pupils in Years 8 and 9 accompanied the Ukuleles by playing acoustic and electric guitars; again these pupils have been learning the instrument this year.

The Year 9 pupils have put together a band called’ The Carrot Peelers’. Carina Harbinson wrote the lyrics to a lovely song, which was played by pupils playing guitars, a flute, a violin and a Cajon drum box.

Well done to all the pupils for the hard work in learning a new instrument this year, keep on practicing.  A huge thank you to the adults who came to support, it was lovely to see so many come to support our pupils, thank you.

You can view a video snippet below or by clicking here.