On Friday the 24th our year 6 children took part in Victorian Day. Top hats, chimney sweeps, fancy dresses and patched up trousers filled up the playground at the start of the day.

After prayers in chapel the children were taken back in time to a Victorian classroom run by a very strict and scary Victorian teacher. During their lesson they were told where their place is in the social order, chanted the two times tables, recited poetry and practised their handwriting on chalkboards. Those who failed to keep up wore a dunce hat and were laughed at by the others!

After their lessons the children experienced what it was like to have fun as a Victorian child. Hoops, hopscotch and marbles were still as popular today as they were back then.  After some play the boys were treated to a lesson on the potato, a spot of gardening and some Latin with the imposing Mr Devincenzi-Clemens!  The girls made peg dolls and had elocution lessons in order to become a proper lady. The day was ended with the children making their very own cup and ball game.

A fun day was had by all, history bought to life in our very own classrooms.