As part of the conclusion to their History lessons, year 6 pupils have experienced a day in the life as a Victorian. On Friday 09th February pupils were transported back in time attending a Victorian school. Pupils have been learning about life in Victorian times where they all produced some fantastic journals as part of their project work. All year 6 pupils and staff dressed up to portray a Victorian character. The pupils certainly embraced the dress and character of their chosen Victorian with pupils dressing as; Queen Elizabeth, Chimney Sweeps, Deliver boys, Shoe Cleaners and many more fantastic outfits. The pupils listened to a Presentation by Dr Geraldine Finlayson, Managing Director & World Heritage Site Coordinator at the Gibraltar Museum. The presentation was about Victorian Life, paying particular attention to the Science and Inventions, Life in Gibraltar and Puzzles. The pupils were able to see a reconstructed handmade Victorian dress, which the museum holds as part of their wonderful collection. Thank you to the Gibraltar Museum for making this a day to remember.

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