On Friday, Year 6 at Loreto Convent School went back in time and endured a ‘horribly’ realistic day in the life of a Victorian school child. Pupils and teachers immersed themselves in the experience and looked very authentic in Victorian attire.
The pupils participated in a remote Victorian lesson delivered from the Beamish Museum in Durham. Lessons included handwriting, arithmetic, poetry, and drill with a rather strict teacher who reminded them that children should be seen, not heard! Pupils were shocked to hear about the punishments used in Victorian schools.
A historian from the Gibraltar Museum joined us for a session. Pupils learned about a Victorian convict ship, The Owen Glendower, which was anchored in the area that is now the Shipyard. They were horrified to hear about the hard labour suffered on board this ship.
The pupils then enjoyed a recreative afternoon where they prepared mini–Victoria Sponges, made traditional peg-dolls and drew botanical sketches.
What a fun day it has been!