The environment and sustainability has been taken very seriously by the pupils at Loreto Convent for some time now, with our Loreto Sustainable School Committee (LSSC) promoting causes such as Traffic Free Tuesday and our very own recycled Christmas wrapping paper. The gardening club has also taken a keen interest and has grown fruit and vegetables throughout the year as well as many plants and flowers.

This week the pupils have been very excited, the school was buzzing with talk of the environment and the LSSC was very busy preparing for a day very close to their hearts.

Every April 22nd sees the celebration of World Earth Day, a global event that has taken place since 1970 and this year, Loreto Convent has ensured that they are a part of such an important event, that they are part of finding ways to promote the cause, that they are part of the change.

From our young nursery children who have been planting seeds, to our top of the school year 6’s who have written letters to the Minister for Environment, the whole school carefully planned and prepared to do their bit. The day has also seen the year 2’s work on microhabitats, the year 3’s taking charge of monitoring the school and our habits to try and reduce energy consumption, the year 4’s looking into organisms living in the waters around Gibraltar and the year 5’s becoming chefs for the day and preparing a delicious vegan meal as well as nurturing their flowering plant seeds to maturity during the following weeks.

The school have had a great time taking part in all the extra activities, activities which they plan to continue throughout the year, activities which can make a real difference. World Earth Day is a fantastic opportunity to educate and make a change; a fantastic opportunity to make sure that our children know that they are the future we depend upon; a fantastic way to inspire the next generation to ensure that it is Earth day EVERY day!