Year four visited ERE CULTURA near Chiclana on Tuesday 2nd May. The visit formed part of the history curriculum, where pupils will be investigating Prehistoric Gibraltar; looking into the daily life of the Neanderthal man.

On arrival the children were placed into three groups, blue, green and pink. It was off to a straw thatched hut where the pupils were given a presentation about pre-historic times. This included how natural materials were used in everyday life, for example different types of rocks to use as weapons and tools for building and hunting. The pupils even learnt that there has been a new discovery of an animal that is bigger than a Mammoth; that has large ears similar to the Elephant. During the presentation pupils were engaged in answering questions, they were also asking the ERA staff many relevant questions, well done to Maria Marfil for her excellent questioning.

The groups the gathered and off they went to participate in the first activity. The pupils were to rotate through the three activities, these were; making a traditional shelter, learning how to hunt and make a fire, making bread and discovering food types. After their second activity the children had their lunch in one of the huts, which was nice and cool.

IMG023 Learning about shelter, the children used canes and wood from the forest to construct the frame for their shelter. Using natural birch twine and cord they learnt how to lash the poles together. They covered the frame in animal fur to keep them dry, making a fire outside the entrance to keep them warm. They even had some time to decorate the shelter to make them homely!

Learning how to make fire the children used a bow drill to create friction. With some of the children making the wood extremely warm they learnt how much effort was required to start a fire back in Neanderthal times.
Using rocks to grind down wheat into flour, adding water and animal fat to make bread. The pupils kneaded the dough and shaped this into small rolls and even platted the dough into a decorative piece.

The children also had a tour through the farm lands where they were exposed to some of the produce that they grow and animals that they breed. The highlight of the tour was seeing the two week old baby rabbits.

The children had a fantastic time and they thoroughly enjoyed their time at ERA CULTURA. At the end of the day the school was presented with a photo frame of the visit and photo DVD which can be viewed here or below.