Information regarding our arrival and daily updates will appear below.

We have all passed through security and are now in departures waiting to board. There is a plane in the Stand, spirits are high!


Meeting at the airport with parents waving children goodbye as they disappeared up the escalator to their security checks. Time for the children to purchase a drink and snack, along with many sweets! It wasn’t long before the gate was called and we started to board the plane.

After a smooth flight we started our decent into Manchester. The captain informed us that it was 13°C with some isolated showers. With the sunlight dimming, we cruised through the cloud base with a little turbulence.

Exciting times for those who are visiting the UK or Manchester for the first time. If only there was time for a quick stadium tour of Old Trafford!

Landing safely at Manchester airport at 10.50 we left the aircraft and proceeded to collect our luggage.


We will shortly be boarding our coach for the journey to PGL. We estimate our arrival around will be approximately 01:15.

The coach has brought us to PGL, we have arrived all safe and sound. The travel sickness tablets have done the job!

Collected our bags and everyone is safe and sound in their rooms.


Day 1

Wakey, wakey rise and shine. As the sunshine broke through the clouds, the chirping chorus from the birds woke the children before 7am. With the children showered it was off for breakfast. Cereals, cooked breakfast, toast and fruit was on the menu, even gluten free and allergies catered for.

It was soon time to proceed to the first activity, raft building. On showery morning the groups built their rafts.

With all the rafts completed is wasn’t long before the races and raft competition’s started. Brave enough children entered the water, with some slipping off it was time to get wet!

We have now had our lunch, a yummy selection of; soup, different Italian pasta dishes and unlimited salad. All fueled up we started to head off for the first of our two different group activities. These consisted of Tunnel Trail, Zip Wire and Orienteering. With happy memories already being formed, the week is bound to be an experience the children will remember for a lifetime!


After a great day of activities we are now refreshing ourselves, changing and all will attend Mass. Upon our return to PGL we will have our evening meal and the first of the room inspections!!!

Day 2


Another glorious morning after everyone having a good night’s sleep, even the staff! Everyone is awake, albeit some sleepy heads and have headed off for breakfast to fuel up for this mornings activities. On the Agenda is Abseiling, Climbing and Fencing. After lunch we are all together as a school for an afternoon of Kayaking. Time to get wet again!






An awesome morning of activities and full participation happened. Touché in Fencing as the children battled to win their matches.


Up, up and away in the Climbing, pupils even learnt how to safely belay each other with the Abseiling had many speedy descenders.
We have just eaten lunch, this was a selection of wraps and sandwiches with salad, crisps and fresh fruit. We are now off to our whole group Kayaking activity.
After the safety and Kayaking instructions it was soon a short push and off into the water. With wobbles kayaks it wasn’t long until the children had these stable and were paddling around the lake. With a series of games played the children were enjoying every minute of this activity. With a smile.on her face, Esther even said “I’m loving this, I wonder if mum will let me have a kayak”, so mum???
The session ended with games and then some fun activities without the Kayaks, even Mr Devincenzi-Clemens shared the experience of the tepid water.

All showered and warm, it was off to our evening meal, this included a roast dinner and ice cream. The evening entertainment the children are participating in is a series of sporting games.

Day 3


What a lovely picture of the Extreme Team at 7.15 before their morning run. Breakfast followed again by the morning activities. Today our four groups rotated around Rifle shooting where Adriana shot like a professional; Giant swing, High ropes and Survivor.



After these activities it was off for lunch. A hit with the children as it was pizza and wedges with salad and fruit. The afternoon activities were then to be in full swing. With some excellent PGL instructors, I’m sure they will remember Sam! Even Mrs Risso made it up onto the High Ropes.



It is now time for our evening meal proceeded by our evening activity.

Day 5

We are safe and sound in the beautiful wilderness of the Baschurch countryside. A full day of activities here today, starting with another early morning jog. From Abseiling to Canoeing, Rifle shooting to Aeroball, the children have had an action packed day. With children keeping hydrated and applying sun cream in the nice weather a great day was had by all. All three meals were tasty and even a trip to the PGL shop today. It is now time for our evening activities in the glorious sun.



Day 6

With temperatures on the increase and another beautiful sunrise over our cabins. It was an early breakfast this morning and off to get ready for our morning activities.


This morning the children have participated in the High trapeze, Archery, Aeroball. With a trip to the shop to purchase PGL souvenirs we are now off for lunch.





Day 7

It is our penaltimate day of activities before our final day. With a heavy mist settling over the camp last night we awoke to a misty coldness. The signs for a hot day were on the cards once the mid-morning mist burns off. Breakfast eaten, the groups have dispersed to their morning activities. The two girls groups are River Canoeing together, whilst the boys groups have alternating activities.


These are the Puzzle Park, where team problem solving challenges are set and the Low ropes course. After lunch the children will be participating in the above activities for the girls and the boys are Orienteering and have the High Trapeze.
Before our evening meal it will be time to pack cases and then go to have a good time at the PGL disco.



Day 7

Departure day. It was a lovely way to end an awesome week at the Disco, some great shapes were thrown! The children have showered, had their breakfast, packed and are now having their final games with their PGL Rep. A happy birthday to Lola who had a birthday cake and a small present.


We will be departing for our return journey soon.


We have now left PGL for our return journey.


We have safely arrived at the airport and are in departures. The children are shopping for those last minute souvenirs or presents. They have packed lunch and are sat down waiting for our departure gate. It won’t be long before we are back home to see our families and loved ones.


We have taken photographs and videos over the course of the week. A DVD will be be available by the end of term to purchase.


**As stated there is only one WiFi access point and we will place updates here when possible.